Vacation Rick is a nick name given me by my family. I am from the snow belt region of Leroy Township in Ohio, which is just southeast of Painesville and near Chardon. If you have no clue where that is, I provided a map. I lived walking distance to some popular local landmarks such as Paine Falls and Hells Hollow. The Grand River was not far away. I spent many mornings and evenings fishing for the top freshwater fish anglers dream about catching, the musky.

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I worked for thirty-five years making brass line musical instruments, such as the saxaphone and trumpet, and then the pistons for all valve instruments. When I wasn't making instruments I worked the trades, mainly carpentry. I built my own home in Leroy and when landscaping the property took an interest in plants and flowers, mainly subjects for rock gardens. I wanted my property to look like Canada. I vacationed there often through the years. The whole front of my property was rock gardens, made to look like a river bed, filled with red hot pokers, lupine, black-eyed susans, asters, cone flowers, salvia, and low growing phlox with a host of other various plants and flowers.

I vacationed in the Charleston area on several occasions. Prime locations I stayed at were on the Isle of Palms and in Summerville. I enjoyed the beaches and visiting charming downtown historic Charleston with its many cobblestone alleys. I was fascinated with the antebellum history and Charleston's link with the Civil War, a subject I was always interested in. I decided it was time to move away from the long, snowy Northeast Ohio winters and made the move to sunny Charleston.

While becoming familiar with my new surroundings, I decided to write about the history I was learning and the landmarks I visited in historic Charleston. Charleston is rich with history, filled with top notch dining establishments, old hotels with spooky pasts, entertaining tours, and its beaches are beautiful.

First, my blog was targeted mainly at family and friends and now I am attempting to expand its base to cover everyone interested in learning about Charleston and the many things it has to offer the traveler and vacationer.

The readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine designated Charleston a “Top 10” travel destination in the United States. More than 26,000 readers voted, honoring Charleston with the No. 2 slot-topped only by San Francisco by .04 of one point. This ranking maintains Charleston’s spot as the No. 1 east coast destination.

From time to time, I expand the articles to cover other places of interest close by, such as Myrtle Beach and Savannah. I am also an avid Disney fan, so you may see aticles having to do with anything Disney.

I appreciate your patronage and hope you become a permanent follower of my blog by subscribing. It is here to inform you and entertain you. Please come back often. Thank you.

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