Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Visit The Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta-Titanic Aquatic

Georgia Aquarium is the world's largest and most engaging aquariums. You are invited to experience the mysterious, tragic story of one of the most famous ships in history through the new Titanic Aquatic. This new Titanic exhibition brings to life the story of the fated Titanic through authentic artifacts and hands-on interactive experiences. Titanic Aquatic includes a vast collection of more than 190 artifacts recovered from Titanic’s debris field including 40 that have never been seen before. In addition to recovered artifacts and dramatic room recreations, the exhibition will engage visitors through interactive displays and captivating high-definition video presentations on Titanic’s construction, maiden voyage, tragic sinking and recovery of authentic artifacts. This exhibit opened august 22, 2008 and has been extended till Sept. 7, 2009. for more information on this and more go to Vacation Rick Travel the Atlanta page.

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