Monday, June 8, 2009

Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom Getting Upgraded

Space Mountain is a 34-year-old attraction located in the Tomorrowland section of Disney's Magic Kingdom Florida. The attraction is completely enclosed with a ride dome that is hollow and 300ft in diameter. Space Mountain is the only version that has two roller coaster tracks within the iconic mountain structure. They are mirror images of each other, with only minor variations to allow the tracks to cross one another as needed. The left side track is called Alpha while the right side track is called Omega. Both tracks offer the same experience for guests, with effects equally shared and duplicated, the Alpha track is slightly longer than Omega by about 10 feet. The rockets reach a speed of 28 mph. This is all going to change. Space Mountain is one month into a seven month renovation that will include new track--though the layout will remain the same--and a new ceiling. There is speculation that Space Mountain could be in line for an electronic-game-filled queue similar to the one Disney installed at Epcot's Soarin' in 2007. Stay tuned and see what is in store for Space Mountain as it takes on a new experience for its riders. Visit Vacation Rick Travel for your travel needs.

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