Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cedar Point-The Amazement Park Located On Lake Erie

Speaking as an original resident of Northeastern Ohio, when spring and summer finally arrived after the long and cold winter, plans were made for the yearly visit to America's premier roller coaster park, Cedar Point in Sandusky. It was about a two hour drive from where I lived. Year after year I watched Cedar Point's collection of roller coasters grow into what is advertised today as "America's Roller Coast", and that is no exaggeration. Each new addition got higher and faster with more flips and spins, stretching the limits of what our senses can handle.

I remember when the Gemini was the new coaster on the block and the first time I took my son on it. He was terrified, hanging over the side like he was going to be sick as we made the slow journey up the hill to the summit, but when it was all over the first words he said to me were, "Let's go again." It was a full day of fun for everyone in the family. Packing the cooler with drinks and food, sitting at the picnic tables on the edge of the park, and then going for another round of being flipped, spun, stretched and compressed by g-forces, and in a matter of seconds going from zero to 120 mph rocketing upward reaching heights of 420 ft, the Top Thrill Dragster. I can't leave out mentioning the Dodgem and Cedar Creek Mine Ride, two of my kids all-time favorites.

Cedar Point is more than just the capital of roller coasters, it is an amazement park. It is home of the Millennium Force, Magnum XL-200, Raptor, Mantis, Iron Dragon, Gemini, Mean Streak, Wicked Twister, and already mentioned, Top Thrill Dragster. The Blue Streak is the oldest coaster at 45 yrs. There are water rides to soak you. The latest addition, Shoot The Rapids, opens this year. There is a train ride, boat rides, and attractions galore. When you get hot cool off at Soak City, a collection of water slides and lazy rivers. The landscaping is beautiful, the scenery surrounding the park is striking. All located right on the shores of Lake Erie.

An abundance of places to stay and plenty of recreational activity to choose from all packed into the Sandusky area. So, if you are a roller coaster enthusiast, you haven't done it until you have experienced Cedar Point. If you are looking for family fun, then make plans to visit this playground capital by Lake Erie. You will not be dissappointed. Park opens May 15. For more history and a small video sampling of roller coasters go to Vacation Rick Travel Cedar Point.

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