Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Charleston's Festival Of Houses And Gardens- An Intimate Look-See

One of my favorite movies through the years was "The Time Machine", not the new version, but the old version. Possessing the ability or technology to step back in time is a fascinating concept, impossible, but none-the-less fascinating. We have only bits and pieces in the form of paintings, reliefs, historical writings, books, artifacts, ruins, photos, and homes left to us that have stood the test of time and give us a glimpse of what preceeded us. But most often we have to fill in the missing blanks using our own imaginations to complete the picture of a by-gone era. Imagining is the fun part.

As I rode for the first time one of the many historical carriage rides Charleston had to offer, I listened intently to the tour guide convey the collection of stories associated with each passing landmark. I was fortunate to get the tour that runs along the waterfront. We were at the junction of East Battery and South Battery. I mentally transported myself back to an earlier period of time. It was April 12, 1861. I was on the porch of the old home at the corner where Battery Park now resides witnessing the bombardment of Fort Sumter. It was pre-dawn. I was up early enjoying the spring quiet of the morning. The first burst of mortar came from the direction of Fort Johnson. Then the air over Fort Sumter turned black from subsequent streams of the countless vollies of exploding shells. I wondered what my expectations would've been as I scrutinized the telling event. Would it have been one of awe or one of fear for what was yet to come?

Charleston is an easy place to experience life as it once was, especially during its most popular antebellum era, because you are surrounded by it everywhere you go on its streets. It's in every stone, rock, timber, rail, window, and street post. The 64th Annual Spring Festival of Houses and Gardens makes it even easier to experience the intimate charm and elegance of the Holy City. The Festival offers you the opportunity to step through the iron gates into the private gardens and cross the sacred threshholds of Charleston's most beautiful historic residences. The Festival is set to take place March 17 to April 16. It coincides with the peak of the city's blooming season making it extra special.

There will be period concerts, oyster roasts at Drayton Hall, Harbor Cruise, and plenty of wine and spirits. The main attraction is the award winning tours showcasing the architecture, the history, and the culture going back to the early colonial period. Featured each day will be 7-10 properties in one of 11 neighborhoods. Neighborhoods include Meeting Street, King Street, Church Street, East Battery, and South Battery to name a few. Each Thursday is reserved for the Glorious Garden Tours, which include a wine and lemonade reception at the Nathaniel Russell House. Tickets are now available for purchase.-Courtesy of Vacation Rick Travel.

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