Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Third Thurday in Summerville: "The Wizard of Oz" Delights and Lots Of Fun For Summervillians

With all the thunderstorms lately, it's surprising nobodies house has gotten sucked up by a twister. July's edition of Third Thursday was to be no exception. Around 4pm the skies over Summerville were looking darkly ominous. But thunderstorms are pretty much routine in the Lowcountry this time of year, when the temperatures soar and the humidity spikes. Experienced residents take them in stride and know they come and go as quickly as you can say "Somewhere over the Rainbow". In fact, the James F. Dean Theater has issued a tornado warning for August 2nd and continuing to the 12th. "The Wizard of Oz" is expected to blow into town and when that happens, things will get wicked in more ways than the weather. There is a 100 per cent chance of a twister and somebodies house is going to get sucked up.

The Flowertown Players have been working hard to present what promises to be a delightfully entertaining show. The large cast, including a large group of local kids, have spent many hours learning their lines and choreography. The logistics involved in this musical production are challenging for the set designers, but they are proving themselves up to the task, and the rewards will be great for the audience. The numerous stage settings will whisk away to the Land of Oz and Munskinville putting you on the journey down the yellow brick road to the gates of the Emerald City. The cast made a preview appearance in full costume in Town Square and mingled among the Third Thursday crowd.
Dorothy and Tin Man
Cowardly Lion looking brave
Summerville's royalty, Bill Summers, was in court-the courtyard of Aura Lee's Jewelry, Handbags and Accessories to be more exact-handing out handshakes and Yuenglings. By the time my group arrived, all the Yuenglings were gone, supporting evidence Aura Lee's shop is a favorite Third Thursday stop. Bill was joined by Brad Mallett, owner of Coastal Coffee Roasters. Coastal Coffee Roasters has quickly become one of Summerville's busiest hot spots serving up their signature blend of roasted coffee accompanied by weekly scheduled events for your entertainment. If you have some musical talent, contact Brad and he will be happy to give you consideration. Danny Trump's amazing cheesecakes are also featured at Coastal Coffee along with craft beers and wines. Due to the scattered showers lingering around at the start, Chelsea Summers had to cut her usual Third Thursday singing appearance short at Aura Lee's. You can catch Chelsea performing at various venues around Summerville and surrounding areas. For a complete list of her appearances click on Chelsea Summers.
Bill Summers and friends
When we first arrived, our first stop was to be the Eclectic Chef on Short Central, but had to wait for the arrival of the rest of the party. We milled around the shops sipping on wine and eating pretzels provided by the various establishments, a tradition of Third Thursday. There was a man in the courtyard of Short Central, I didn't get his name, singing old tunes like "Garden Party" by Ricky Nelson. When we finally sat down to eat, the raindrops began to fall, but the umbrella on the table protected us-to some degree. My back got a slight soaking, especially when a certain someone would shake the umbrella.
Live entertainment
Kathy, Hanna, and Glen
White Gables well represented
Our planned, final destination for the evening was to be Accent on Wine. We were briefly sidetracked by some old vehicles on display at the end of the Town Square at W. Richardson. The temptation to take pictures of the old cars with someone posing next to them could not be resisted. Some dreams never fade. We pressed on. Accent on Wine was packed-no surprise. Filling an available stool immediately upon vacancy is a must. We chose the bar to sit at, the heart of the shoppe. Stephane filled the place with his usual humble smile, explaining wines and offering tips with a colorful French accent.

My attention was diverted to one of the wine advisers who was pouring a double mixture into a tall, slender glass. I inquired about it. Stephane informed, "If you are looking for something light and refreshing, the Belini is a good choice." The wine adviser, sporting a British accent, poured the mixture and I tried my first $3 Belini. I downed  the bubbly blend of champagne and peach schnapps while pondering this paradox: A Brit and a Frenchman behind the same bar. Miracles never cease to amaze. Time passes by quickly when you are sipping wine and making with the chit-chat, and that is what Accent on Wine is all about. There is no loud music in the background. Just the pleasant sound of laughter and friendly talk.
Keri living a dream
There will be one more last summer evening Third Thursday August 16th before the kids go back to school. Live music will be all over town and the usual Art Walk. The following Saturday, August 18th, Summerville's residents by the thousands will gather for the "Summerville Night at The Joe". There will be pre-game festivities to partake in and then watch the Riverdogs take on Augusta. August 25th will be the 13th annual "Race for the Ark". The 5K race is held in historic Summerville winding through its beautiful streets. It benefits the Ark services.