Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Sweet Tea Festival In Summerville Was A Huge Success On Third Thursday

"How sweet it is." This was a favorite saying of my Uncle Glen, probably one of the most likable people I have ever known. He would say it after victory. I now use it in reference to the drink that is considered the table wine of the South, sweet tea. Before moving to Charleston, I only knew of iced tea as either sweetened by adding your own sugar or simply the way it was commonly served up North, unsweetened. I fondly remember tearing those little sugar packets you get at restaurants apart to sweeten my serving of iced tea. I was totally unaware of the existence of sweet tea. Simply but truthfully, outside of the southern states most people have never even heard of sweet tea.

Summerville celebrated its first Sweet Tea Festival this past week during the Third Thursday festivities. Several Summerville restaurants participated in a sweet tea challenge. Attendees could purchase a commemorative Sweet Tea Mug for $5 and try all the various restaurant's sweet tea drinks for free. After sampling all of the contending restaurants, you could vote for your favorite one at the Summerville D.R.E.A.M. table. I do not know the results, but my vote was between Oscars and This Whole House. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming response, there was a shortage of mugs. I had to settle for a $1 plastic glass to sample all the entrees. Judging by the crowd in town that night, the festival was a success.

It was time to pick a restaurant for a bite to eat. We stepped around the corner from Hutchinson Square unto W. Richardson. As you head up W. Richardson, the first restaurant you encounter is the Continental Corner Greek Restaurant. Since I had never eaten there, the choice was a no brainer. Although outside seating is very limited, there being only two tables, one table was available, so we took it.

The server greeted us and placed the menus on the table with a drink list. A debate arose concerning the correct pronunciation of gyro? I used to think it was gyro with a "g" but a few years ago I was told the "g" was silent. How do you answer?

We chose the wraps, one with lamb and the other with beef. As we ate, we watched the crowds walk past and listened to the ambiance of the night. A Cinderella Carriage passed by several times, Chelsea Summers was singing at her mother's store, and the Montreux was gearing up for the late night crowd.

The time passed by quickly. The wraps were very good. The beef was tender and the lamb more tender. Our bill was around $30 including drinks and wine. There was just enough time to do a limited amount of shopping on Short Central before heading back to Hutchinson Square.

The activity on Hutchinson Square was winding down. All the various tables and tents were in the process of packing up. Many of the businesses had already closed or were closing up, except for Summerville's Third Thursday hot spot, Accent on Wine, where the after crowd mingled for some light conversation and vino. Inside and out, the tables were filled. We joined them and saluted the night with a drink of our own.

It was a successful night for all the business establishments in Summerville. It was also opening night for "The 39 Steps" at the James F. Dean Theatre. "The 39 Steps" is a comedic twist on Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 film. I will be attending the show on Friday, September 21st. Stay tuned for my review. And don't forget to purchase your tickets.

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Jana said...

Thank you for your review. Continental Corner is my favorite restaurant, as is my husband's. Next time, try the Plato Plate. That's some yummy goodness right there, and their sweet tea is so good I drink practically a gallon of it each time I'm there. As for the glasses, some members of the Summerville DREAM team said they will be putting more glasses on sale online soon. ::crossing fingers:: I missed getting one by 30 minutes.