Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One Charleston Hotel Ranks Number Two Among The World's Best-Plus A Hotel Horror Story

Rosen Plaza Hotel pool
I have always loved staying at hotels and resorts. The moment I drop my suitcase on the floor of the room, it is confirmed to me that I am finally on vacation. Then, the very first thing I check out, even before I crack open my suitcase, is the pool. In fact, the quality of the pool can make or break a deal. For the most part, I have been very satisfied with the hotels I've stayed at. There have been only a few occasions where I've made a quick exit because of disappointing conditions. You can call them hotel horror stories.

There was this one stay in Orlando, Fla. We had received an invitation to check out a time share. Upon arrival, we received our papers and hotel assignment, which was an Extended Stay Hotel, a chain I had no experience with. I had an initial uneasy feeling about the hotel when we pulled into the parking lot and it turned into a queasy feeling when I saw the bulletproof glass that encased the reception desk. We signed in and took possession of the key. We entered the room and the queasy feeling turned into a revolting feeling. The pillow cases on the bed were a dirty shade of white. When we pulled back the bed covers, there were little brown dots on the bed sheet, and they were moving, and so was I, right out the door past the bulletproof reception desk and to the car.
Rosen Plaza Hotel
It was late, so finding an alternate hotel was difficult and costly. The next day, at the time share tour, we wisely voiced our displeasure and disgust. They compensated with amenities and two free nights at the Rosen Plaza Hotel on International Drive, an award-winning 832 room hotel with a beautiful pool. I soothed away the previous day's discontent in the hot tub next to the pool.
First World Hotel
When I vacationed in the city of "Lost Wages", I stayed at the third largest hotel in the world, the MGM Grand. The MGM  Grand boasts a total of 6852 rooms. It is topped out by another Las Vegas hotel, the number one Venetian/Palazzio Megacenter, with 8108 rooms and suites. In fact, of the top 10 biggest hotels in the world, Las Vegas is home to six. The First World Hotel in Malaysia came in at number four with 6118 rooms and was at one time the largest, but despite giving up number one status, it by far still remains the most colorful hotel in the world. A Russian hotel named Hotel Izmaylovo came in second. With an abundance of rooms available at any of these behemoths, booking should never be an issue. But does bigger mean better?
Copacabana Palace
Don CeSar Beach Resort
None of these hotels appeared on Five Star Alliance's 2012 list of Top 30 Luxury Hotels and Resorts worldwide, but a Charleston hotel did, and why not. Since Charleston was named the number one destination in the world by Conde Nast Traveler, it is only fitting one of its hotels appears on a list somewhere even though it comes in as a virtual lightweight with only 360 rooms and suites. This Charleston hotel, respectively honored, came in at number 2 on the list, beating out some of the absolute best and most luxurious hotels in the world. No small accomplishment when you consider some of the prestigious names it beat out, like The Carlyle in New York, Waldorf Astoria in Chicago, St Regis Grand in Rome, Copacabana Palace in Rio De Janeiro, Viceroy in Bali, and Don CeSar Beach Resort on St. Pete Beach to name some.

Charleston Place
Charleston Place is more than just a hotel, it is a complex including a collection of world-famous stores, a Mobil Four-Star restaurant, and a spa. It was the single initiative that set in motion the beginning of the revival of Charleston. On the list of the top 10 hotels in the Holy City, it is number one.

Charleston Place is like a time machine. Housed within its brick exterior is the Charleston of today. Step out its doors-and your imagination will take you wherever you want, past or present.

There are no ghost stories that I know of associated with the hotel, unlike other hotels and inns in the historic district. But give it time, maybe a former JCPenney employee will appear looking for some closure(Charleston Place is built on the lot where a JCPenney once stood). Consider some of the special offers and packages being offered during 2013.

During Charleston's Restaurant Week, other top hotels are offering discount rates. Charlestowne Hotels will be offering up to 20% and 30% off, which include six downtown hotels such as Andrew Pinckney Inn, French Quarter Inn,  Harbourview Inn, The Elliot House Inn, King Charles Inn, and The Society House. For the complete details go to Charlestowne Hotels. Charming Inns are a collection of these downtown hotels: John Rutledge House, Fulton Lane Inn, Wentworth Mansion, Kings Courtyard Inn, and Circa 1886 Restaurant. For the complete details go to Charming Inns.

Do you have a hotel horror story of your own? Feel free to share it in "Comments".


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Charleston Place Hotel said...

We are honored to have been voted #2 on Five Star Alliance's 2012 list of Top 30 Luxury Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. Thank you so much for your kind words.