Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Party At The Point April 26, 2013 Rocked-Blue Monday Made It A Red-Letter Friday

Last night, if you got to the Point, it was no disappoint. The Party At The Point was attended by a record crowd for an opening night and the featured band,  Blue Monday, rocked. The great weather made it near perfect. I say near perfect because the no-see-ums made an appearance early on, but when the dancing started they departed.

I arrived around 6:45 pm from Summerville. The parking lot at the resort was already full. So, going in I knew it was shaping up to be a large crowd and a big night. Blue Monday had already took to the stage on the beach and were just beginning to warm-up. By the time the sunset, they were sizzling. While I was recording video, I got pulled into the dancing crowd by a couple of ladies by the name of Jules and Vicky and imprinted a few steps of my own into the cool sands.

Lizette, the lead singer for the group, was a definite crowd pleaser and motivator. At one point, she stepped down from the stage into the crowd. It was a move that impressed me. Her vocals were powerful and her range was expansive. In her bio, Lizette credits a friend with her move into singing where she relates, "It's all my friend's fault. Colette got me into this beautiful mess when I was nineteen." Matt, Joe, Woody, and Mike provide the instrumentals and accompanying vocals. The group flowed from one song to the next with precision.


Friends, family, kids and dogs all had a great time. A walk on the pier, which is a must, is always a relaxing and refreshing pause from the crowds and high energy on the beach.

I got some good pictures of the passing container ships that come close to the pier.

Couples use the pier as a place to take in a few moments to connect. "Mon amour pour toi est aussi grand que le monde."

After taking in the bay breezes and skyline of historic Charleston in the setting sun with the USS Yorktown and the Ravenel Bridge nearby, I was ready to rejoin the party on the sandy beach and get another cool one to place in the free koozie that was passed out upon entry.

The Party At The Point has everything we love about Charleston-water, sand, history, and southern charm. The fun has just begun. Every Friday at the same time each week the Point will be the place you will want to close out the work week and kick-off the weekend. Click on Party At The Point for the complete schedule. Enjoy the pictures and video. Then make it a point to join the fun.

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