Sunday, June 2, 2013

Party at the Point, May 31, 2013-An Entertaining Night With Occasional Milkshake and Southwood

An Occasional Milkshake is good for you, especially when it is served up by Mark Bryan of Hootie and the Blowfish, Hank Futch of Blue Dogs and Gary Greene of Cravin' Melon. At the Party at the Point, they stayed true to their mantra last night and it is simple: play music for fun with laughter as the key ingredient. There was no rigorous play list. Spontaneity was the rule of law on stage. Whatever moved them in that moment, they played. Bluegrass, punkabilly, and everything in between. They sang about hot dogs, beer, homegrown tomaters, and threw some Sponge Bob into the mix for the kids. The whole gig was smooth and sweet, pure fun.

They were preceded by Southwood, a group who put a show on of their own. The group closed out the night at Buffalo Wild Wings on Coleman Blvd. Hank Futch was there and stated this observation to me about Southwood, "These guys are good." A few songs later Hank verified his delight by stepping onto the Wild Wing stage and joined Southwood for one song. It was great. Buffalo Wild Wings is a great music venue for the after party. Half of it is open to the outside and half is enclosed with the main bar and a raised stage and dance floor splitting the two sides.

I arrived around 6:30 pm. Cover charge for the night was $7-it usually varies between $5 and $7 depending on the bands. I purchased my refreshment tickets and made my way onto the sandy beach and to the stage. Southwood was already warming up the crowd. At this point, I generally take a walk on the pier to get a feel for the crowd and to soak in the beautiful view of Charleston Harbor and the Resort to set the mood. The Party at the Point is the complete package-salt water, sandy beach, music, and atmosphere. A kid and pet friendly event on top of it all. A bring your fold-up chair and sit back and soak in the beach ambiance and music event.

The night was Charleston beautiful and got even better when I found out my two favorite ladies were on site enriching the already beautiful scenery-Chelsea Summers and her mom, Aura Lee. Chelsea is an aspiring singer/songwriter with many successful gigs under her belt and a rising popularity in Charleston. She was there for Southwood, having met the bass player at a previous engagement. We kicked off our sandals and kicked around some sand, but it was at the afterparty we made some serious dance moves. Chelsea will be at Molly Darcy's on Friday, June 14th. Come on out and join the fun. As Chelsea's number one groupy, I will be wearing my Chelsea Summers t-shirt.

Only four left in this season's schedule. The next Party at the Point, June 7th, Stop Light Observations with Fowlers Mustache are scheduled. Join the fun-this event is the premier happy hour concert series in Charleston at the Charleston Harbor Resort-5:30-9:30 pm and one heck of a beach party.

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