Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Fish House On Patriots Point-Superb Food And A View Second To None

It was to be an unusual day for me. I would be stepping out of my comfort zone. Store hopping was in the works. This is a rare event and the kind of activity I generally shy away from, but is at times knowingly necessary. There was this space that needed filling and an idea for a wall arrangement. I was joined by a friend who, by the way, loves to shop and is both talented and knowledgeable when it comes to designing spaces. Coleman Blvd in Mt. Pleasant was to be our destination, a mecca of antique stores.

The first order of business with the noon hour approaching was food. Mixing some pleasure with the business of the day was also part of the plan, but an ordinary lunch it would not be. Coleman Blvd is also a gateway to a mecca of outstanding water-side eateries and watering holes. The Fish House for one, Patriots Point's newest culinary attraction and the first to come in view while crossing the Cooper River from Charleston to Mt. Pleasant via the Ravenel Bridge.

The Fish House has been open for a little over a month and has created plenty of buzz since. From atop the bridge, the view of the restaurant on the Point, in the distance, was impressive, but standing on location, at the restaurant's waterfront setting, the view was even more extraordinary.

We entered the restaurant. The rooftop bar was our desired destination but upon arrival we found out it would not be open to patrons until 3 pm. We were so interested in having lunch in an open-air setting. As we mulled over the options, the bartender on duty heard our conversation with the hostess and offered his assistance. He summoned the manager and had the roll-up windows, which were presently down, opened. We were seated at our table fully satisfied with the warm Charleston Bay breeze surrounding us. The bartender offered to whip me up a special island drink. I accepted and the server delivered the concocted Rum Runner and my friend's Cranberry Vodka.

According to the rules for proper use of napkins, I appropriately laid it in my lap. My friend, very fussy about proper etiquette, was impressed. We sipped our drinks, soaked in the awesome view, and surveyed the lunch menu. My friend inquired of the server, "I'm interested in the Fish Sandwich. What kind of fish is it?" "It is mahi-mahi," answered the server. "I'll take it." I was going to keep it light and selected the Caesar Salad. I normally wouldn't choose salad as a main dish. I'll blame it on the sea air or maybe I wasn't really that hungry after snacking through the morning. Regardless, I am glad I did. You don't hear me use the adjective "superb" often. In this case, it is appropriate.

The Caesar Salad was a dish of prosciutto-wrapped romaine lettuce hearts, parmesan cheese tulle and sourdough croutons. The prosciutto was a pleasantly mouth-watering touch and the whole wrap appeared to be slightly charred, which gave it a smoky flavor. I savored every slice. Yes, I used a knife to eat a salad. My friend said the fish sandwich was very good.

The restaurant's numerous large windows and high ceilings give the seating areas an open, airy atmosphere. The wood beams, black lights and black fans hang from above in contrast to the lighter ceiling. Pictures and replicas of local saltwater specimens are everywhere, reminding you of the reason you are here, a good fish dinner. The historic Charleston skyline, the USS Yorktown, and the Charleston Harbor Resort Marina can be seen from literally every table and the rooftop bar's view is second to none. A point of interest-The bar top on the first floor is made from broken bottles of Sky Blue Vodka. It's an awesome centerpiece to gather around for a cocktail.


The staff from first contact to receipt was hospitable, friendly and helpful. The bartender went above and beyond his duties and that impressed me. Finally, thank you to Charles Arena, Jr. and the kitchen staff for an excellent culinary experience. I will be returning for the dinner menu.

We spent more money in the Fish House store and then bid farewell to Captain Morgan. Next stop, Shem Creek and the Water's Edge. We sat at a table next to the docks and watched the dolphin, the paddleboarders, and boaters while sipping on one more Rum Runner. I was now primed and ready to take on the exhausting task of store hopping for decorative accessories.

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