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The Number One Destination In America--My Top Eight Most Read Articles About Charleston, SC

Over five years ago, I began writing about things to see and do in the Charleston Lowcountry. During those years, the city known for its friendliness, resilience and the oldest cuisine in the United States, has soared to the honorary distinction of being chosen by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler as the number one destination in America, not just once, but for the past three years. After having spent some time here, why is undeniably clear.

Sitting on a peninsula reaching into a bay with the deepest water in the southeast, the city is surrounded by barrier islands wrapped in pristine, sandy beaches lined with beautiful vacation homes. A short, ten minute drive takes you into the heart of the one of the most walkable downtown districts in the country with more fine dining establishments per capita than any other city in the South. And if you don't want to walk, you can employ the services of one of the many bicycle rickshaws strategically located throughout. Waterfront parks, cobblestoned alleyways, historic hotels, and the friendliest people are all a part of the reasons Charleston has been selected the choice of destination for the discerning vacationer. In 2012, 4.83 million people visited Charleston.

In those five plus years, I have written 265 articles to acquaint friends, visitors and residents with the Charleston Lowcountry--its history, tours, festivals, hotels, landmarks, and restaurants. In doing so, I have only perused the book that declares the story of Charleston from Bull's Island to Edisto Island. Surprisingly, my most popular article, at 18705 reads, is a suppositional circumstance dealing with Charleston, as you will see. My blog is nearing 100,000 reads. Perhaps, you can assist me in reaching that milestone by becoming a subscriber or just a frequent visitor.

The following list, beginning with the aforementioned article, are the top eight, most read articles of Vacation Rick of Charleston.

1) Charleston, SC-Where The Sky Is The Limit in conjunction with A "Dinner In The Sky" Charleston Style-Imagine It, Dream It, Live It
Charleston is an awesome city for sightseeing. There is history at every turn of the corner and a tour dedicated to assisting you in reliving that history for a brief moment. Now, imagine yourself looking down from 165 ft in the air at all of this real estate having dinner.

2) Take A Visual Walk Into Summerville's Enchanting Past-The Landmarks And The Stories
I invite you to take an imaginative, visual walking tour by way of images from the past and present for a glance at treasured landmarks of Summerville separated only by the passing of time.

3) A Piece of Charleston History Pulled From The Ocean Dating Back To The Civil War
Its final resting place was discovered and in 2000 the Hunley was carefully and meticulously raised, still in tack, from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. There are theories as to what happened to the Hunley, but no one really knows for sure what caused its demise. Scientists have been puzzling over the remains of the Hunley since its recovery, searching for clues that will assist them with providing a feasible hypothesis.

4) Summerville's Rich Theater History-From Silent Movies To Live Theater
I entered the unpretentious James F. Dean Theatre door and was more than pleasantly surprised by what I found. Summerville's theater history dates back to the early 1900's with the beginning of the silent movie era - 1894 to 1929.

5) The Husk Restaurant In Charleston-Great Southern Gourmet Experience And Beautiful Location
What is better than spending a day with a special someone? Beginning that great day with a fantastic meal at a downtown Charleston restaurant. The restaurant was the Husk on Queens Street.

6) SUPing With Coastal Expeditions On Hectic Shem Creek-A Fun Way To Spend A Day
Shem Creek was alive with watersports enthusiast and boaters. It was a typical Sunday crowd. For me, it was another suntastic day SUPing on the water. It was hot, it was humid and a nice breeze was blowing in from Charleston Bay.

7) Charleston's Barrier Islands-Beautiful Beaches, Abundant Wildlife, Great Stays, And Pleasure Packed
Visit the city of Charleston and you will be surrounded by elegance and charm at every turn of the corner, but the historic downtown district is only the cake of the Lowcountry. Step outside of Charleston and you will be covered in the frosting.

8) The Mysterious Side Of Charleston-Uncommon Things You Don't See Everyday
Charleston is charming, but also mysterious. It is renowned for its old homes and church graveyards, many with bizarre tales of ghostly encounters and things that go bump in the night.

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