Wednesday, April 15, 2015

This Beauty Of A Play Is No Sleeper

Sleeping Beauty is opening at the James F. Dean Theatre on Saturday, April 18th for a two day run. A "not so classic of a tale" adaptation of the famous Disney classic, this beauty of a play is no sleeper. You don't want to miss it.

In this children's musical version of the classic fairy tale by Bob Hammond, Queen Bea and King Bumble the Seventy Second give birth to Princess Beauty. In desperate need of money, the royal couple make plans to marry their daughter to a rich prince when she becomes of age at eighteen, but the rhyming evil witch, Carabosse, has other plans for the princess when that time arrives and plans to put a curse on Beauty. The evil witch's Zsa Zsa Gabor-like counterpart, the Good Fairy, is asked by the royal couple to counter Carabosse's evil intentions, but says, "Nothing I can do, sweetie. I mean, if I knew what spell she is going to use, well...possibly. But otherwise...look, why don't you give me a little tinkle in eighteen years?" And so, the drama begins. Among the contenders for the princess's hand are the constantly quarreling Prince Eric and Prince Henry and the not-so-rich Prince Braveheart. A spell, a spinning wheel, and lots of singing and dancing follow.

Heather Pallay steps out from behind the front box office to collaborate with "Sound of Music" standout Sarah Farra as the plays directors. Working with Bob Hammonds open script, together they masterfully personalized it with their own blend of frivolity utilizing knock-knock jokes, popular songs of the past such as "I'm a Believer" by the Monkeys and bringing it home by inserting local names like Lincolnville, Knightsville and yours truly. Thank you for the mention Flowertown Players.

Patti Kelly once again did an artful job on the colorful array of costumes and the simple set worked well with the scene changes.

The hard working cast of local young actors pooled from the Youth Theater for this production of the Flowertown Players work their magic on you with their enchanting enthusiasm and energy. Each cast member projected the personalities of their characters skillfully. Their execution of the dance choreography was near flawless and delivery of the punch lines timeless. The climatic song and dance routine is well worth a standing ovation in itself and a $10 ticket.

Honorable mentions include King Bumble the Seventy Second(Trevor Bierdz), Queen Bea(Riley Hatch), Princess Beauty(Julia Maguire), Prince Braveheart(Jackson Barnard), The Lord High Chamberlain(Bailey Dorman), Chip(Grey Hohn), Kate(Caelan Barlow), Prince Henry(Andrew Hebert), Prince Eric(Logan Farless), Carabosse(Kyra Wood), the Good Fairy(Drew Janine), and Hobgoblins 1 and 2(Alanna Campbell and Caitlyn Campbell). Fairy Dance Troupe(Elizabeth Aylward-Jahn, Eloira Carls, Mia Helm, Tanner Spencer, and Alexa Tringali).

If you are looking for some quality family entertainment this weekend, the James F. Dean Theatre is where you want to be. This fairy funny version of Sleeping Beauty will lift your spirits. It will knock your silk bloomers off and royally enrich your hearts.

Ensemble Cast Members: Audrey Campbell, Julie Cox, Chandler Schaffer, Savannah Davis, Jada Gilbert, Tyler Hanson, John Moore IV, and Sydney Reich. Backstage Crew: Gia Darconte, Emma Maguire, and Reese Addison.

$10 Adults, $7 Children under 12
Sat, Apr 18th at 1PM and 5PM
Sun, Apr 19th at 1PM
Call Box Office for tickets (843) 875-9251

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