Thursday, June 23, 2016

Kaminsky's Dessert Cafe In Charleston--The Go-To Place For A Happy Ending

Sitting at the beautifully laid-out table setting, sipping on a High Tea concocted with a balanced blend of Rum, Earl Grey infused sweet vermouth, rhubarb bitters, strawberries, and basil, the perfectly integrated "S" floating in my just delivered butternut squash bisque with a pecan crumble was a fitting reminder of our outstanding dining choice for the evening. For beyond the glass windows of its front entrance, out on busy East Bay Street, the establishments recognizable yellow overhead sign and blue awning unmistakably affirms the rationale behind the "S". We were dining at the highly celebrated eclectic Charleston restaurant named Slightly North Of Broad or quite simply and more fondly referred to as S.N.O.B..

Slightly North Of Broad is just one of a plethora of world class restaurants located throughout the Charleston peninsula, Upper and Lower. However, on this beautiful Charleston night, in the historic French Quarter, it was the clear choice by way of requests from three of our party of five who had not previously had the pleasure of dining at the S.N.O.B., and it did not disappoint.

The company was delightful, my drink cheerful and my soup tasteful. It was the perfect introduction to my selected entre--Local Grouper with Charleston Gold rice, bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, white miso, and toasted benne, which after its consumption, culminated into the major reason for this article--dessert. Without a doubt, the offerings on S.N.O.B.’s dessert menu would have been rich and succulent, but with no disrespect to S.N.O.B., we had other plans.

Just a short stroll from S.N.O.B. down East Bay Street to the Old City Market and about halfway up its adjoining North Market Street, you will arrive at the doorsteps of a dessert café that is adored by locals and sought after by visitors. Its name is Kaminsky’s and it has been a dessert institution in Charleston since 1992.

It was a late visit and North Market Street was alive with patrons. There was a bit of a wait, which was expected. We passed the time conversing with fellow expectant customers huddled around the cafe's steps, until we got the call. As we entered through its door, to the right, there was a glass case housing a selection of its signature desserts and beyond a dessert bar where a large chalkboard hung overhead with a list of the days special offerings. To the left, scattered about were a hodge-podge of tables and chairs for seating, which added to the cafe's endearing quirky vibe. With an interior of brick and wood, Kaminsky’s Old Charleston charm was underscored by a ceiling-high painted wall emblazoned with its name. Its people friendly atmosphere was as rich as its dessert collection.

Kaminsky’s desserts are prepared fresh each day with selections changing daily. It offers dozens of cakes and pies by the slice, as well as milkshakes, floats, ice cream and cobblers, with everything available a la mode. In addition to its vast array of specialty coffees, it also offers a full beer, wine and liquor selection featuring eleven of Kaminsky's highly sought Dessert Martinis--all for $8.00. On our visit, I chose one of the menu's "Kam Crew" favorites, the White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle--smooth. Others in our party chose Key Lime Pie and Kahlua Expresso. To peruse the complete list, go to Dessert Martinis.

Kaminsky's was a satisfying conclusion to a spectacular evening in Downtown Charleston. For some of us, it was a first-time visit. It is a great place to have a conversation and share a few laughs while spooning over a vast array of delicious and seductive desserts and sipping on a collection of imaginative dessert martinis unique to this one-of-a-kind café.

Kaminsky's Dessert Cafe
78 N Market St, Charleston, SC
(843) 853-8270

Monday - Wednesday: 1pm - 1am
Thursday : Noon - 1am
Friday - Saturday: Noon- 2am
Sunday: Noon - 1am

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