Thursday, September 4, 2008

Long weekend at Disney!

Long does not mean time dragged on as in "It was a long day." Long refers to more than a two-day weekend. Any long time spent at Disney is fun time. Of course, this is from Vacation Rick's perspective. Disney is kind of a family tradition for us.

We stayed at The French Quarter in Port Orleans with a river view this time around. Everyday walking to and from our room we were greeted by the scent of jasmine that covered the landscape along the walkways. The accommodations were pleasant and comfortable. The pool was simple. The restuarant where we got the quick meals could improve on their service. I will cut them some slack since they deal with alot of people in a typical morning on a holiday weekend. It was just one morning where the servers were somewhat rude and unfriendly, but everyone has an off day once in awhile.

Our first day we went to Animal Kingdom. Highlights: Expedition Everest and Killmanjaro Safaris ride. We didn't stay long, took in what we wanted to and went back to The French Quarter and swam in the pool and enjoyed the sun. Time for dinner, we went to the new restuarant in Contemporary called The Wave. Excellent choice. At night went to Magic Kingdom because it stays open the longest. Highlights: Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Buz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, and the Monsters Inc. Laugh floor attractions. Always enjoy the Monster Inc, very funny.

Second day weather started out good, went to Blizzard Beach to spend the bulk of the day in the water and on the slides. Highlight: Summit Plummet. This was the very first attraction we went to. Stood in line for a long time, but was worth plunging 120 ft almost straight down at 55 mph covering a distance of 360 ft. Next was Teamboat Springs. Twelve hundred feet of white water and rushing waterfalls make the twisting, turning journey from the top of the mountain to the bottom. Alot of fun for the family. It was on this ride storms began to move into the area. Then we floated on Cross Country Creek, a river that flows around the whole park. This is a ride you can take your time on and enjoy the water. Watch out for the water falls and sprays, the water is very cold. It was now time for a snack and it started to pour rain with lighning and thunder. The attractions were closed and we left the park, went back to our accommodations for a few and at dinner time went to Animal Kingdom Lodge, ate at Boma, a buffet. Great place to eat. After Boma's we went back to Magic Kingdom for the evening, took in more rides. The highlight was the fireworks at the end of the night. A must see.

On day three we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios formerly MGM. It was very crowded. Twilight Zone was first on our list and then Rockin' Roller Coaster, not my choice, been on it, wanted to go on something else, but had to give in to the majority. The highlight was Toy Story Mania, a new attraction. We waited in line for over an hour because Fastpass ran out for the day. Recommend getting Fastpass for this attraction. It was well worth the wait. Great fun!!! A 4D adventure. A must do for the whole family. In was afternoon and we went to Epcot, always my favorite. Highlight: Turtle Talk with Crush. You must take your young ones to this attraction because it is the best. It is an interactive and alot of fun. For dinner we ate in England at Rose and Crown Dining Room and had fish and chips and my son had lamb for the first time. Enjoyed the meal. Next, went on Test Track and then Spaceship Earth. New features with an interactive. Finally we went on Soarin' located in The Land. You enjoy a panorama of California landscapes that gives you the feeling of flying. To close the day we watched the fireworks and laser light show. End to a great time at Disney.

We had alot of fun. Suggest getting the meal plan , it is well worth the expense. Disney is always a great experience, even greater when you share it with your loved ones. Vacation Rick is a kid at heart.

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