Sunday, May 24, 2009

The American Idol Experience at Disney World Orlando is Hot

I featured this attraction in an earlier post before it opened. Now it is here and it is a big hit. There are two ways to participate in this attraction. The ultimate thrill, if you dare, is to be on-stage and the other is being in the audience voting for the winner. There are seven regular shows a day, each featuring three performers. The winners will compete agaist each other in an eighth show and the last one standing gets a grand reward: A front-of-the-line ticket to any one of the next season's "American Idol" tryouts in the country. That's worth a visit to Disney World Orlando if you think you have what it takes. Up to 400 can audition each day, and about 40 will make it past the first cut. Then 21 are eventually cast to compete in seven regular shows. It's that simple. Well, it seems simple. Why not give it a shot. See you in Orlando or maybe on American Idol. Just a reminder: American Idol winner, Kris allen, will be at Disney's Hollywood Studios May 29th at 10 a.m..
More information go to Vacation Rick Travel Disney World.

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