Saturday, July 31, 2010

Drayton Hall-Standing Triumphantly Over The Test Of Time

Drayton Hall is an example of what Charleston is all about. One of elegance, charm, and a profound connection with its past coupled with a strong resolution towards its preservation and gaining a sense of itself. After ascending the plantation home's porch stairs and entering its doors, you will experience for a brief moment the good times and bad times, the years of prosperity and tranquility as well as the tumultuous years, which is the beating heart of Charleston.

The construction of Drayton Hall was started in 1738 and took some years for its completion. It is considered one of the finest examples of Georgian-Palladian architecture in the United States, likely one of the earliest Palladian buildings in America. A unique feature of Drayton Hall's interior spaces is it grows progressively taller, meaning the ceiling heights change from the raised basement to the first floor and up to the second floor where it is the highest, which went contrary to Palladian design. Climate played a role in this diversion from the norm.

Drayton Hall has survived wars, an earthquake, hurricanes, and aging. It was taken over by the British in the American Revolution and the North in the Civil War. While other plantations were destroyed by Sherman and Union troops, Drayton Hall for some mysterious reason escaped the rampage. Although, there are several theories on the books.

You must take a tour of this magnificent example of plantation homes to appreciate the design of hand-carved poplar and mahogany reliefs found within from the spaces used for entertaining to the private family rooms. To people of antiquity, shapes and figures were more than just design, but had deeper meaning. You will also learn about that on the tour. You will hear all the fascinating details of Drayton Hall's rich history, which can only be appreciated first hand. You will be able to visually connect with what you are hearing or have heard.

Drayton Hall-3/1/2010 - 10/31/2010: Main gate opens at 8:30am; first house tour of the day at 9:00am. Tours approximately 30-60 minutes and begin every hour on the hour.
A Day on the Ashley-7/16/2010 - 12/1/2011: A package that invites groups to tour Drayton Hall and Middleton Place, and enjoy an authentic Lowcountry Lunch.
Location: 3380 Ashley River Road, Charleston, SC 29414. Phone: 843-769-2600

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