Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Charleston's Nighttime Fun Should Include a Trip To The Footlight Theatre

We all like to be entertained with a good scare once in awhile. Remember the fun times sitting in a semi-dark room on a stormy night or around a crackling campfire taking turns at telling scary stories and seeing who could come up with the most sinister plot. That was how Mary Shelley gave birth to her first novel now known as "Frankenstein".

Sorrel-Weed House
While vacationing on Lake Geneva, Switzerland, Mary and her friends amused themselves by reading German ghost stories, prompting a suggestion they each write their own supernatural tale. Mary's scary tale was conceived in a waking dream she had one night. She wrote a short story about her horrific dream and later expanded it into the famous novel. Needless to say, her story took the honor of being the scariest tale that infamous night.

Looking for inspiration for a winning scary novel? Savannah was dubbed by The American Institute of Parapsychology as "America's Most Haunted City". The Sorrel-Weed House at 6 W Harris Street at Madison Square was featured on Ghost Hunters and is one of the top ten creepiest places in America. Be sure to take the 10:30pm tour for the greatest affect, if you dare.

Charleston's darker side can most certainly fuel the imagination and inspiration for a winning frightful tale. Travel Channel designated Charleston "America's Most Haunted Places". Take an inside look at Charleston's haunted Old City Jail, enter the Provost Dungeon, or visit Poogan's Porch where Zoe makes her presence known. Walk the streets, bars, and cemeteries while the guides of Bulldog Tours amuse you with the tales and stories of the not so holy side of the Holy City.

Footlight Players Theatre
Take your search for nighttime fun and storytelling entertainment a step further and consider what the Footlight Theatre has to offer October 28, 29 30 and November 4, 5, 6 at 9pm. "The Weir" by Conor McPherson will be presented by the Footlight Players. "The Weir" takes place in a small tavern in rural Ireland where local men swap spook stories in an attempt to impress a young woman who recently moved into a nearby "haunted" house, but the tables get turned on them when she tells a tale of her own. Old-fashioned story telling guaranteed to send chills up your spine. Ticket price ranges $10-$15. Footlight Players Theatre is located at 20 Queen Street.-Vacation Rick Travel Charleston

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