Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Charleston Fishing-The Right Charter For the Greatest Success

Charleston is settling into fall and making preparations for the coming brief southern winter us northeners amusingly refer to as nothing more than a late fall or early spring. People are exchanging bathing suits for sweaters, so the beaches are less crowded. Only the hardy soul is willing to take a dip into the cooling waters at the Isle of Palms or catch one more curl off the shores of Folly Beach. As warm weather activities on shore are winding down the cooler intercoastal waters are creating an opportunity of another sort.

Just ask Captain Marvie Benford of Benford Fishing Charters and he will tell you the time is right. The spottails are going on a frenzie because they too are making preparations for the winter soon to come. Marvie is new to the charter business, but not new to Charleston saltwater fishing. Although a young captain, having fished the Charleston waters for years, he is very familiar and well educated on the hot spots and techniques of Charleston coastal fishing. To top it off, you cannot beat the enthusiasm he brings to the fishing sport business.

Benford Charters first excursion, a group from Wisconsin, was a major success. The group caught 25 spottails. Four reds ranged from 26 inches to 30 inches. As an added bonus, they caught six sheepshead navigating around docks and a few trout. They fished the outgoing tide, in the morning, and all the reds were caught on cut mullet or live shrimp on the bottom and under a cajun thunder popping cork. Personally speaking, I have fished other charters in the Charleston area and have been disappointed. Catching 25 spottails in one morning, I would have been ecstatic.

Charleston waters contain plenty of structure and plenty of opportunity for the enthusiastic angler. Couple that with home grown experience and you have a killer combination. For reservations contact vacationrick@hotmail.com or Captain Marvie Benford at mrford250@yahoo.com or call 843-729-8079 and tell him Vacation Rick sent you. Spottail bass or red drum are probably one of South Carolina's most sought after fish and are plentiful in Charleston waters. Set the hook and keep your rod tip up.-Vacation Rick of Charleston.

The Cajun Thunder-a float rig with brass beads on the bottom that ads the correct amount of weight, that allows you to make a very long cast.  

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