Thursday, March 24, 2011

Run For The Fun Of It-The Cooper River Bridge Run

Run, Charleston, run. That's exactly what it will be doing April 2. Something it has been doing since 1977. The 34th annual Cooper River Bridge Run registration has reached 40,000 participants, where it was be cut off. So if you haven't and you want to, it is now too late to register. But don't let that minor setback prevent you from joining in the fun.

The first run took place on, and this is a fitting piece of information, April 2 1977. At that time there were two bridges crossing the Cooper, one called the Silas Pearman Bridge and the other the John P. Grace Memorial Bridge. The Silas Pearman Bridge hosted that first run, but later it was switched over to the John P. Grace Memorial Bridge. Over the course of time the starting locations and ending locations changed as well as the distance. The two bridges eventually met their demise, but the race continued to grow. The run is now a 10K(6.2 mile) race on the new Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.

People from all over the States and other countries will participate. Action will begin on Coleman Blvd near Simmons Street and end on Meeting Street near George Street. The race for the first time will have a wave start, which will include 12 unique starts categorized by color, alpha and numeric. Runners with the best times are set in the front. The cost is $40 dollars.

It no doubt was an experience running across the old bridges, which were substantially narrower and old. I remember the first time I came to Charleston crossing those bridges and wondering if at any moment they would collapse into the Cooper. The Author Ravenel Jr Bridge offers a beautiful panarama of Charleston Bay and surrounding areas. When the gun goes off a wave of humanity will be set in motion and will continue for some time. When the race is over the fun will not end there. Music, drinks, food, and celebration continue long after the race is over.

So, for those who registered, make preparations and get ready to strap on those running shoes. The weather has been quite warm. Be prepared to sweat out all that sweet tea and bottled water. If you do not plan to run, go for the festivities and fun times. Charleston will be at her glorious best with other events planned for that busy April weekend, no fooling.-Vacation Rick Travel

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