Thursday, July 7, 2011

Charleston Is An Attractive Place To Play In More Ways Than One

One recent Friday night I sat outside of the Southend Brewery to watch the crowds of people go by. As a refresher, I ordered the popular beer sampler the brewery makes available and sat back. The purpose behind this was to satisfy my curiosity that Charleston is the city with the most attractive people. My rather insignificant study evolved around the female gender because in my narrow male thinking the poll done by "Travel and Leisure" based their results on women only. The reason for that conclusion was derived from the fact that pictures published in articles about this study showed exclusively women, but the usage of the word "people" would seem to imply including both genders. Anyways, it goes against my grain to see it any other way.

The female nightlife crowd did not disappoint. The challenge was distinguishing between vacationers and locals. Vacationers obviously wouldn't count since they are not from Charleston. Groups of four dressed to the hilt and around the same age was pretty much a given they were locals. Other groups consisting of various ages were more difficult, but there are obvious indicators that give away visitors, one being cameras and another alot of pointing. Couples presented the greatest challenge. With the sampler polished off and my evaluations completed, my final summation was ready. The poll done by "Travel and Leisure" in my thinking was verified, if attractive was based solely on looks. Other cities may disagree, like Miami and San Diego, but somebody had to be number one and it might as well be Charleston.

Other top honors pulled in by Charleston were in categories such as antiques shopping, cool boutique hotels, cozy bed and breakfasts and awesome neighborhoods. These results were based on what visitors had to say. Charleston was also ranked number one in friendly. Like every thing in life, these findings are subjective. I am also from Northeast Ohio and if you were to plant yourself outside of Playhouse Square in Cleveland or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame you may come to the same conclusion. Although, there is a huge difference in what you may call a city, because I do not consider Charleston a city type city, meaning high rise buildings, concrete structures, huge city streets, business people focused completely on self, and all else.

So, what do the attractive people of Charleston do on a Friday night? There is no shortage of partying in Charleston. Vacationers looking for a good time, college students looking to blow off some steam, and knowledgeable locals all converge on the downtown area where the watering-holes and sports bars are willing cater to their needs. If you are seeking a more sophisticated release the district's higher-end restaurants, such as High Cotton and McCrady's, and swanky cocktail joints like Torch Velvet Lounge are there to please. Also, local bars and music halls offer an enviable lineup of live entertainment. Topping out the long list are Pavillion Bar and Cafe, King Street Grille, Henry's on the Market, Rooftop at the Vendue, Music Farm, Torch Lounge, Blind Tiger Pub, Windjammer, McGrady's, and JB Pivot's Beach Club.

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