Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Seinfeld Paying Charleston A Visit For Some Lowcountry Laughs

Very few half hour sitcoms have ever grabbed my attention, but there was this one that caught my interest and to this day remains my all-time top favorite. I can watch rerun episodes over and over and still find something to laugh at. That being said, I must be completely forthcoming on my total feelings at this point. When it first began I thought the script was alittle slow and the characters somewhat unbelievable, but after the actors began to meld together as one cohesive group, with their own distinct personalities, I couldn't stop watching. The name of the show was "Seinfeld".

The premise of the sitcom evolved around the idea that life is meaningless. Many of its episodes focused on the minutiae of everyday life, minor or incidental daily happenings that when all is said and done mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme. Often it is these little minor happenings we find humorous because they are the spontaneous, unscripted part of our lives we don't plan for, requiring nothing more than a knee jerk response from us.

Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer were a cross section of our society that displayed qualities we are often repulsed by. Individuals who are at times completely without any moral conscience, superficial in their relationships with other people, often lying about what they do for a living, unappreciative of gifts given to them, rude, inconsiderate, and a host of other social abnormalities. Despite their disturbing behavior, you couldn't help but laugh. We see these quirks in our own acquaintances and if we are honest, in ourselves. I often find myself referring to various episodes when I see something simuliar happen in my own insignificant, mundane, everyday existence and yada, yada, yada, no explanation needed.

Jerry Seinfeld, prior to his popular sitcom, was a successful stand-up comedian and since has returned to his roots. He has written several books, the most notable being "Seinlanguage". He has received numerous awards, all associated with his sitcom. Recently he was hailed as 'the master stand-up comic of his generation' and 'the best comedian of our time' in a Washington Post article by Tom Shales. If you are a Lowcountry Seinfeld fan, he will be appearing at the North Charleston Coliseum Performing Arts Center August 12, time 7:00 PM. You can click on this link for ticket information.

Don't forget American Idol is coming to the North Charleston Coliseum July 20-22. Fun for everyone.

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