Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Coastal Carolina Fair Is Near-Family Fun Time

Time sure passes by quickly, especially when you are having fun, as the saying goes. And it's already that time of the season for the 55th edition of the Coastal Carolina Fair at the Exchange Park in Ladson, October 27th thru November 5th to be exact. There is plenty for everybody to do to pass the time quickly at this years fair, if you are a fair goer because not everyone is. Plenty of the three reasons why people go to the fair- food, rides, and entertainment. Sorry beer lovers, one thing there won't be plenty of is beer. It is a nonalcoholic fair, but you don't need beer to have fun. This is a family-oriented event.

Personally, the best time to attend is at night, after the sun sets. The lights are brighter, the sounds are louder, the smells more intense. The thick smoke and various aromas from the line of vendors encircling the inner perimeters like a wagon train under attack, hangs in the air as an advertisement of their offerings. The choreographed flashing lights of the numerous carnival rides hynotize are young ones, drawing them into its control. The music and song from the scheduled entertainment more easily drifts through cooler night air. In turn, all of this aforementioned activity causes those in attendance to happily empty their pockets of their hard earned money. And not to be forgotten, an explosive mixture of nightly fireworks displays are scheduled.

When it comes to the food there will be everything from peanut butter and jelly to oriental and Italian food. Ah, the simple pleasure of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a brown bag favorite and now at the fair. Gyros, the "g" is silent, is what alot of people go to the fair to consume along with elephant ears, corn dogs, and cheese and nauchos.
The ferris wheel is a landmark of the fair and stands out prominantly as you approach the fairgrounds. Aside from the ferris wheel, this year's fair will have 64 ride attractions. Some new ones like the Spin Out along with popular favorites like The Fire Ball and Mega Drop. There will also by nearly 30 kids rides. Carnival Ride Tickets (20 Coupon Book) $17.00 up to October 26 and $20.00 October 27 at the gate-11.25 up to October 26 and 13.25 books October 27-at Piggly Wiggly only. Handstamp Ticket (Ride all day) 17.00 up to october 26 and $20.00 october 27 at the gate-11.25 up to October 26 and 13.25 October 27 at Piggly Wiggly only.

The 2011 Coast Carolina fair will feature a variety of musical entertainment including American Idol runner-up Crystal Bowersox, country singer Easton Corbon and The Guess Who. Other entertainment will include impressionist Rich Little, and show featuring live brown bears. For a complete list and times click scheduled entertainment. For ticket information click admission tickets.

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