Sunday, January 8, 2012

Charleston Parrotheads-The Jimmy Buffet Party Is Coming To Town

It is somewhere between the Port of Indecision and southwest of Disorder, but no parallels of latitude and longitude mark the spot exactly. You don't have to be a navigator to get there. Palm trees provide the camouflage. Ocean breezes bring the seaplanes and sailboats, tourists, and travelers. Passports are not required. This is where it is, but what is it? It is Margaritaville, and the exact physical location can be anywhere you want it to be, for the reason that Margaritaville is purely a state of mind.

This coming February 2nd, a Thursday, that state of mind will be transformed into the North Charleston Coliseum. The Kahoona of the Parrotheads, Jimmy Buffet and the Coral Reefer Band, will breeze into town for a one night party starting at 8 PM. Passports are not required, but a ticket will be essential.

You know when Buffet is around it's going to be a party. His music is catchy and lyrics easy to remember. His songs portray a laid-back, easy going lifestyle with a humorous, carefree outlook towards setbacks and problems. Nothing some booze from a blender, likely a frozen concoction made from tequila, couldn't solve. An "island escapism" kind of state of mind outfitted with flip-flops, shorts, and tank tops. Margaritaville is his signature song and a crowd favorite. Why, you may even see me singing it while on a cruise in the Caribbean. Other crowd pleasers are Cheeseburger in Paradise, Bama Breeze, Fins, Come Monday, A Pirate Looks at Forty, and Volcano.

If you want to get the true feel of Margaritaville, book a stay at Margaritaville Beach Hotel in Pensacola Beach, Florida. The hotel sits on over 800 feet of gulf-front property. An additional 800 feet overlooks the bay. The new beachfront hotel features 'barefoot elegance' with 162 newly appointed guest rooms. It has a poolside tiki bar, LandShark Landing with live entertainment, snacks, beverages and an array of activities including beach ping pong, volleyball, hammocks under the palm trees, and Frank and Lola Love Pensacola Cafe named after "Frank and Lola," a 1982 Jimmy Buffett song. Room prices range from $129-$199. Check out the special packages.

If you are in or plan to visit Myrtle Beach, put Margaritaville Cafe located in Broadway at the Beach on your restaurants to visit list. Great seafood or just try their famous Cheeseburger in Paradise along with the concoction most likely to be offered while your are in Margaritaville. The last time I was there the Stiltwalkers were out entertaining the young ones with their tricks and balloon figure-making skills. Click here for the complete schedule of the Stiltwalkers. After dinner, the restaurant transitions into a swinging nightclub where dancing is a must and live bands perform every night of the week.

There are no hotels or cafes in Charleston, but there is a Margaritaville Store for all the Parrotheads to buy the latest goods. It's located at 282 King Street. To access a complete list of Margaritaville's click destinations.

Where does tequila come from? It is made from the Blue Agave plant. It takes 8-12 years for the plant to reach maturity and ready for harvesting. Tequila is a small town in the valley of Jalisco, Mexico. Who is the largest consumer of tequila? The United States consumes more than Mexico.

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Suzie said...

I was able to tour the Jose Cuervo Tequila Factory/Distillery,in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico a few years ago. It was beautiful and clean and very interesting! Cute little town with lots of tequila for sale on the side of the road! You gotta love it!