Friday, March 30, 2012

The Flowertown Festival 2012 In Summerville Is Underway-Eddie Bush And Lots Of Fun

I stepped out onto the hot pavement of S. Main. The unusually hot, spring sun was performing its magic. I looked ahead down the main strip of the festival and as far as I could see was a mass of fellow festival goers. The smell of carnival food carried on the warm breeze curled around me. In close proximity to my position was a vendor cooking up an assortment of french fries, which included butterfly fries. Although I am not a fan of carnival food, I do like fries and the temptation was strong. I resisted, for the moment, and pressed forward.

Immediately, I was confronted by a gantlet of vendors attempting to hand me their cards, one on the right, next the left. In my mind I had a flash-back of a scene from a Dirty Harry movie called coincidentally "The Gauntlet", but spelled differently, and began to sympathize with how he must have felt as he was confronted with the hail of bullets showering down on his bus. I survived the onslaught, but one vendor did manage to get his card into my pocket.

Next, a young man called out to me and tried to persuade me to putt a ball into a hole for a chance to win a Kindle Fire. The catch was you had to do it blindfold, and then if you were successful, your name would be put into a drawing. I politely gave the excuse, "Not at the moment. Maybe when I come back around." And so, this is the way it was on down the line. Win a dream vacation, win a gift card, spin-the-wheel, more food, more vendors. Yep, it's the Flowertown Festival in Summerville and if you were expecting something different, you're in the wrong place because that is what it is all about. People showcasing their businesses, their arts and crafts, food, live entertainment, and all in the name of fun.
joggling boards

take a seat.
live entertainment

My main objective today was to locate the Flowertown Players booth managed by Christine Eliason. Christine was the director of the Players most recent play "Wait Until Dark". The play was both entertaining and engaging, and a success. The Flowertown Players have a small stage set up next to their tables where brief scenes from popular plays will be acted out. Today, I was present to view a scene of a women's version of "The Odd Couple" acted out by Stephanie Crowley and Leslie Vicary. Stephanie was all fired up for the skit. Be sure to stop by for a look-see and pick up one of the brochures highlighting their season ahead and the plays they will be performing.
Stephanie Crowley and Leslie Vicary
One of the highlights in the way of live entertainment Saturday will be Summerville's own Chelsea Summers. She will take the stage at 11:00am in Azalea Park near the Cuthbert Center. Chelsea is generally seen around Summerville performing at local venues including the Icehouse Restaurant, Single Smile Café, Firewater Grille and Madra Rua Irish Pub. She recently won a contest for a gig in Winston-Salem, N.C at Ziggy's where she opened for Parachute.
Chelsea at Ziggy's

Sunday's highlight needs no introductions. He is well known around Summerville and just about everywhere else. He once played the guitar with his teeth. He performs, writes, and teaches. He formed a trio with Chris Roberts and Royal Reed called One Flew South. He plays with a group called the Mayhem. Eddie Bush is his name and he will perform 1:30-2:30pm. Don't miss it.

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