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Flowertown Festival Saturday-Chelsea Summers, Jami Sun, The Hunley, Rubber Ducks, The Flowertown Players And More Fun

The Flowertown Festival in Summerville is in full swing. Parking spaces are getting scarce as the crowds increase each day. Friday was crowded. Saturday was packed. Not even a threat of rain could dampen the enthusiasm. A replica of the Hunley was present today. The Hunley was a Confederate submarine famous for the sinking of the USS Housatonic outside of Charleston Harbor. It was the first successful combat submarine. After accomplishing its mission, the Hunley disappeared into the Atlantic with its crew. Recently the submarine was recovered and can be viewed at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center, 1250 Supply Street (on the old Charleston Navy Base), North Charleston, South Carolina.
The Hunley

The Flowertown Players were just warming up on Friday. Saturday the young actors stole the stage. Ashlyn Whittemore, Riley Hatch, and Hailey Barker performed a song from the "Sound of Music". I had a, "Whoops, wish I had a V8," moment. My plan was to shoot a video Of Ashlyn, Riley, and Hailey for posting, which I proceeded to do. I turned my camera sideways to include the whole stage in their performance. What I didn't realize at the time was once you video something in that position it can't be flipped back at processing. So, you will have to turn sideways to view it.

Chelsea Summers sang her heart and soul out to her most devoted followers along with other festival attendees with popular hits and a mix of her own songs. Summerville and beyond are keeping their eyes on Chelsea's rise in the ranks of the areas most popular singer/song writers.
Chelsea Summers
The festival is a great place to hang out with previous acquaintances. Spent considerable time with Bill and Aura Lee Summers. Bill is Director and Vice President of Vision Financial Group, Inc. and Aura Lee operates a well known store in Summerville called Aura Lee's Jewelry and Handbags. They are also the parents of Chelsea. Great people and very active in the community. Bill was working with the Summerville Rotary Club collecting donations for a charity involving 25,000 rubber ducks being dropped from the I-526 Wando River Bridge and racing to the Community Pier at the Daniel Island Waterfront Park. There are 25 chances for the fastest ducks to win $25,000 in prizes and 10 chances to win $1,000,000. The Charity Duck Race will begin at 10:00am on June 2nd. The drop will occur at 11:30am. There will be entertainment, childrens activities, and food trucks. Net proceeds will benefit civic and charitable work. This is really something to quack about.

The festival is also a great place to meet new and interesting people. Jami Sun won Charleston's Acoustic Throwdown two years in a row. He was at the festival to catch Chelsea's performance. Jami was going to have a busy day with appearances at Wet Willie's from 3 to 7pm, then from 8:30 to 9:15pm at the Windjammer. Other scheduled performances will be at the Montreux's April 5 in Summerville at 10:00pm and Wet Willies April 7 in Charleston at 4:00pm. For more information scheduled appearances and albums go to his web site
Jami Sun and yours truly
Paul Zoeller is a photographer who was taking pictures for the Summerville Journal Scene. You can view his work at
Paul Zoeller
Oh Valentino is an intimate acoustic duo,  Aaron O'Brien, Christina McNeill, featuring piano, guitar, mandolin, and delicate vocal harmonies. For more information click here.

Enjoy the pictures and videos of my visit to the festival on Saturday. Sunday is the last day, but not least. I will be back to catch Eddie Bush and the Mayhem at 1:30-2:30pm. See you there.
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