Monday, May 28, 2012

Great Beach Day On Isle of Palms Memorial Day, May 28, 2012-TS Beryl Kicked Up The Surf

Isle of Palms pier
While Tropical Storm Beryl's bands battered Florida and Georgia, Charleston's beautiful beaches basked in bright sunshine and balmy breezes on this Monday of the Memorial Day weekend. Even though much of Beryl stayed south, the surf was feeling the effects. I ventured out onto Front Beach on Isle of Palms around noon time and the waves were washing up on shore making finding a spot to lay a towel on dry sand more difficult because of the crowd of sunbathers and swimmers. It was also near high tide. Those closet to the water were doing the beach shuffle, trying to keep there blankets out the encroaching waters. Everyone was having a great time.

There was a few surfers working the swells. The best wave hopping would have been found on Folly Beach, the place where all the more experienced surfers go when a storm is brewing in the Atlantic, but the Isle of Palms this day offered plenty of opportunity for it. It was the boogie boards and skim boards that ruled the waves. On shore, there were a few batting the volleyball around by the nets, like Jim and Melonie and others throwing the football in the surf like Joey, Joseph, and Torri. There was also the usual bocce ball players. Most were just there simply to soak up the rays and relax. Whether resident or vacationer, emphasis was on spending some quality time with family and friends.
Jim and Melanie practicing vollies
Bocce players
Mother taking pictures of the kids
Boogie board fun
Beach beauties
The whole time I was on the Isle of Palms the skies were clear, the sun hot, and the breeze brisk. The temperature was around 85 degrees. The clouds stayed off to the south and west. After I left Front Beach, I drove up to Breach Inlet where Isle of Palms ends and Sullivan's Island begins. The inlet is historically known as the actual launching site for the H. L. Hunley. There were a few fishing from the H. L. Hunley Bridge and about the same number fishing off the beach. You can't swim in Breach Inlet because of the powerful currents, and with the wind and high tide the waters were even more worked up. It's a beautiful spot to take pictures with the open waters of the ocean in the distance and the docks in the Intracoastal Waterway of the islands. You will often find dolphins frolicking in these waters, but today was not one of those times.

The Boathouse restaurant is located at Breach Inlet on the Isle of Palms side of the bridge. The restaurant was originally an old bait shop. In 1996 it was reconstructed and became the Boathouse. The restaurant's interior and exterior were designed to reflect an understated, low country island dwelling, complete with authentic local nautical features. It is casual dining with first-rate seafood, guaranteed to be fresh. The restaurant also features a rooftop bar where you can sip cocktails with a beautiful waterfront view, especially around sunset. Located at 101 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms. Call 843-886-8000 for reservations and information.

I headed over to Summerville late afternoon. Summerville was feeling the effects of the tropical storm. There were more clouds in the sky and the ground showed signs that it had rained not long before. I wanted to check out the eatery called Perfectly Frank's. It was recently featured on the Food Network. Their main featured food is hot dogs, but there is nothing simple about these hot dogs. These hot dogs come topped with just about anything you can think of and have names like Frankie Valli and Frank Sinatra. I like bratwurst, so I chose the item called Frankie Brat. It was a bratwurst marinated in beer and onions, then grilled and topped with spicy mustard. Along with the brat, I ordered a 1/2 basket of fries. With a drink, it all cost between $7 and $8's.

The establishment was bright and colorful with scenes painted on the walls and simple tables and chairs to sit on. When I was there the line was long, which is not a good thing when you are hungry, but a good sign for the restaurant. One final note: Guard your food with your life or conscientious workers clearing the tables will take it. I got up to get a refill on my sweet tea and when I returned to the table my food was gone. Apparently, they thought I had left. They gave me a free order of fries and offered me another brat, but I declined. No harm, no foul. You can check them out at 118 N. Main Street in Summerville or

What did you do on Monday, Memorial Day weekend?


Anonymous said...

This is so nice, Vacation Rick!!! So glad you came all the way up to Summerville to check us out!!

Haha--and sorry about your food getting stolen! ;0(

Julie Cuda

Vacation Rick said...

You are very welcome Julie.