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A Great Third Thursday in Summerville October 18, 2012-Summerville Shines

Summerville parties hearty once a month, every Third Thursday to be exact. And last night's Third Thursday was phenomenal. So outstanding, the merrymaking wasn't even dampened by the presence of the "squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner," Ebeneezer Scrooge, who was compelled to be there to see his equally stingy business partner, Jacob Marley, doubtfully put to rest at crowded Hutchinson Square near the hour of 6:30 pm.

The whole downtown district was filled with the sounds of laughter and music. Short Central was dancing and singing to the vibes of the Vistas as they axed out golden oldies of the past. The outdoor seating venues of the local eateries were filled. The opened doors of the local businesses seductively welcomed Summerville's loyal residents and curious visitors with the traditional wine and cheese snacks.
I began my night with a quick bite to eat at Ladles, soup and a sandwich. Six o'clock was rapidly approaching, the time set for the beginning of the burial procession to start at O'Lacy's Pub. Short Central was already quite busy and the band called the Vistas were setting up in the small courtyard in the middle. But first, I headed over to Art and Soul where the costumed performers were making the necessary preparations. The acting group, consisting mainly of Summerville's talented younger ones, were getting their final instructions from Pamela Ward and tweaking their attire. Tim Lowry, a popular storyteller and leader of this procession, was milling around talking to the young actors. They posed for some quick pictures. They all looked like the poor children from the middle decades of 19th century London they were costumed to portray, Dickens style.

At 6:30pm, Tim Lowry entered the pub to announce the demise of Marley and procure sympathy for the poor children looking in the windows, the very children who were neglected and forgotten by the likes of Jacob Marley and Ebeneezer Scrooge, men only interested in turning a crown at the expense of the needy. After exiting the pub, the group proceeded up Short Central to Hutchinson Square, weaving through the Third Thursday crowd. A few words were spoken amongst the boos and hisses from the crowd, displeased at the presence of Scrooge. I approached the cold, uncaring, insensitive Mr Scrooge to ask him if he would be so kind as to donate money to a most worthy cause benefiting the unemployed and he sarcastically questioned, "Are there no Prisons? And the union workhouses-are they still in operation?"

Eddie Bush was rockin' the Montreux. Chelsea Summers was across the street at Aura Lees performing tunes from her new CD while the shoppers snacked on cheese and kielbasa from Sticky Fingers. By this time, the sun had long disappeared beyond the trees. We sat outside of Accent on Wine courting a drink while basking under the brightly lit trees of Hutchinson Square. We finished the night beneath the orange lights of Montreux's back patio recounting funny stories from our past. My friend competed in a cornhole challenge and won a cooler pack. Another successful Third Thursday for Summerville DREAM and our businesses. Man, I love this town. Enjoy the pictures and video.
Here are some of the upcoming events scheduled in Summerville and surrounding areas:

The 2012 Coastal Carolina Fair
October 25-November 4, 2012
Exchange Park

Flowertown Players presents The Hobbit
October 25, 26, 27...7:00pm
October 27 and 28...3:00pm
James F Dean Theatre
133 South Main Street, Summerville, SC
Tim Lowry at Art and Soul for an Amazing Halloween Spooky Tales CD release Party.
Friday, October 26, 2012...7:00pm
113 W 2nd South St, Summerville, SC

11th Annual Run with the Dolphins-5k race/walk and mile fun run
Race runs entirely through the Newington Plantation Neighborhood in Summerville.
Saturday, October 27, 2012...8am: 5k, 9:10 mile fun run

Molly Durnin will perform at Coastal Coffee Roasters
November 9, 2012...7:00-9:00pm

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