Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Tribute And Heartfelt Thanks To Friends And Neighbors Of The Number One Destination-Especially Those of Summerville And White Gables

I write about things to see and do in Charleston. This is more of a blanket statement because my literary ramblings include much more. Over the years, I have become involved with some of the many local businesses of Summerville and Charleston--more so recently. The very businesses that make our beloved Southern communities of the Lowcountry along the East Coast one of the most cherished destinations with so many people from around the world. But when I use the designation local businesses, I refer to the smiling faces of the hard working individuals behind the brick and glass, wood and paint structures.

Seven years ago I moved, one of those life-changing events that require adjustment and dealing with a new set of circumstances, and came to the Lowcountry from the North Coast of Ohio. I chose the historic town of Summerville because of its Charleston connection and the beautiful residential community along Central Ave called White Gables. I must also at this time insert a simple observation of my own; You can't go wrong living in a place called Summerville.

I proceeded to immerse myself into the history of my new surroundings, loved what I read and saw, and then because of my love for writing, decided to set up a blog to share what I learned with family, friends, and anyone else who was interested in my laptop excursions.

But life can change as quickly as the tide rolls in and out of Breach Inlet--a channel separating Isle of Palms from Sullivan's Island. It was a beautiful Charleston morning. Plans were set in place. The afternoon was to be spent processing pictures and video from Art and Soul's Fezziwig Party held during Summerville's popular, monthly event called Third Thursday. Then, these words rang out like the bells of St. Michaels Church in Charleston, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." I was involved in a horrendous car accident--one of those unanticipated life-changing events, abruptly reminding me things can change in a fragment of a second.

This article is not about the colorful tapestry of Rainbow Row. It is not about the splendor of the Battery. It is not about sunny walks along Charleston Bay and restful sea breezes of White Point Gardens. It is not about the sandy beaches, celebrated bridges, Southern cozy hotels, unmatched cuisine or the living history that permeates every alley, cobbled street, and iron gate throughout the Peninsula and beyond.

This article is a tribute to the people I rub shoulders with everyday as I go about the business of blogging. It is about my children, family, friends and neighbors, associates and acquaintances, who have come to me in my hour of need.

Thoughtful and caring people like my dear friends Bill and Aura Lee Summers, the Mallett's of Coastal Coffee Roasters, Charles and Pam Ward of Art and Soul, Keri Whitaker, Glen and Kathy Wilken, Byron Hager, and my many wonderful neighbors of the White Gables community who have personally assisted my family and I with well wishes, transportation, and meals. And it is still on going. I am also truly thankful to my many Facebook friends who have expressed their concern through prayers and comments. I look forward to resuming my literary quest to share my take on the Charleston experience and getting to know more of the people who put the charm and hospitality in our Holy City.

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