Monday, November 5, 2012

An Entertaining Night Of Picture Taking In Historic Summerville-Celebrating New Friends

It was Friday. The sun had slipped beyond the horizon hours ago. A quick glance to my watch revealed it to be about the hour of 10 o'clock. The task of illumination was now the responsibility of the assorted street lights and sidewalk lamps. The live oaks on Hutchinson Square were tipping their branches ever so slightly to the gentle nighttime breeze. A gesture denoting mutual respect, perhaps. Under the gnarled branches of the old tree's protective canopy, in among their ghostly shadows, smiling scarecrows waved at the few passing cars.

Most of the businesses were locked and silent, except for the usual late night gathering spots. I was out this late hour taking pictures of the marquis and signs of the various establishments in and around the historic, old Square, the quiet sentinels that never sleep.

Accent on Wine was one of those nighttime spots still serving up the aromatic drink and loquacious fun to the few gathered around its tables and bar. I entered its doors to take some discreetly chosen photos of its interior. I was standing in front of the bar readying my camera to take a picture of the glass etching mounted among the shelves when I heard someone ask me if I would like to be in the photo, a considerate offer from a pretty young woman sitting on the right side of the bar. She had shoulder length, blond hair and was dressed very smartly. A young gentleman was with her. She was drinking wine, he a beer.

The question was the opening sentence to an enjoyable interchange. I introduced myself, told her I was a blogger. She asked the usual question, "What do you blog about?" I handed her my card and gave a quick summary. She informed me of her being new to the Summerville area and asked where in town she could find the best places to eat. She made it very clear, "I am not interested in chain restaurants. I want to experience something different."

I rattled off some of my favorite Summerville dining establishments such as Sweetwater Cafe, Perfectly Frank's, Matt's Burgers, Oscars, and a few others. At this point, I couldn't leave out mentioning the best place to get coffee, Coastal Coffee Roasters. Lizzy  said she was looking for a good coffee place. But I couldn't leave it simply with coffee because CCR is much more. It has become one of my favorite places for experiencing hometown talent and entertainment with its Thursday mike night and Acoustic Series. Craft beers, wine, and if you are hungry, there are plenty of delicacies offered to satisfy your craving.

Charleston soon entered the conversation, rooftop bars to be exact. It was then I learned they were new to Summerville, but not new to Charleston. The two of them previously lived on John's Island. Justin recently changed work locations and Summerville was the compromise between his drive to Orangeburg and hers to Trident Tech. I asked if she had ever been to the new restaurant on King Street called Stars, since rooftop bars was the topic. Stars Restaurant has a rooftop bar with a 360 degree view of Charleston.

I then said, "By the way, most people simply know me as Vacation Rick." It was then they revealed their names to me, Lizzy and Justin. Sports became the subject. They were a house divided. Lizzy was a Gamecock fan and Justin was a Tigers fan. I on the other hand was neither, since I was an Ohio transplant and a follower of professional football more so than college. Now, all hell broke loose and we ran the gamut of subjects from snow to cream of wheat.

Then, the conversation took a southern turn, transitioning from cream of wheat to grits, two very sticky substances. Justin asked me if I had ever been to the World Grits Festival in St. George. "No, haven't had the pleasure," I said. Lizzy casually captured the topic to describe in detail the rolling-in-the-grits contest and I have to say, it sounds like a funny event. They both agreed, "The best place to get grits is at the Hominy Grill in Charleston. But when you do go, take someone with you who is experienced at eating grits because you will need to know how much salt and sugar to add or you will ruin your whole experience." I must keep that in mind.

"This is what Accent on Wine is all about," I inserted. "A place to relax, sip on a glass of wine, and make new acquaintances." We shook hands and parted ways, for now. I left and resumed taking pictures along S. Main. Lizzy reminded me of someone I had seen before and it finally occurred to me who that was. It was the actress Ali Larter. I hope to see Lizzy and Justin again, maybe at the next Third Thursday on November 15th, a once a month Summerville event the two of them have not yet participated in. I hope to see you there also. I hear there is going to be a party over at Art and Soul starting 8:00 pm. Mr. Fezziwig is the host, and he knows how to have a good time.

Molly Durnin will perform at Coastal Coffee Roasters Friday, November 9th at 7-9 pm. Molly is from New York. She is an indie musician. Singer/songwriter with a rhythmic guitar groove and tuneful melodic sense that draws from the heart of Americana, folk and blues traditions.

For more information on what's happening in Summerville go to Summerville DREAM, a member of South Carolina Main Street and the National Main Street programs.

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