Friday, March 7, 2014

Summerville's "Crime Of The Century" Needs Solving--Get Your Sherlock Holmes On And Join The DREAM Team Downtown March 20th

The beloved Mayor of Summerville, Bill Collins, has been ruthlessly liquidated. Preliminary reading of the sweet tea leaves are pointing accusatively towards local business owners as likely suspects.

The Summerville DREAM Team has been assigned the difficult task of investigating the case and are imploringly requesting the assistance of all residents and visitors to solve the mysteriously shocking and perplexing incident. "Who did it", "what did they do it with", and "where did they do it" are the three parts of the case needing a resolution.

March 20th, Third Thursday, Summerville will be transformed into a game board patterned after the murder-mystery game sold by Parker Brothers called Clue--invented by Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pratt of Bournemouth, England and originally published by Waddingtons in Leeds, England in 1949 called Cluedo. No description of the games components is presumably necessary--Clue has a wide distribution and is considered one of America's favorite classic board games.

As a young child I, like many of my contemporaries, spent countless hours playing this addictive game. As a result, I became quite skillful at going from room to room collecting clues, employing cutthroat strategies such as misdirection, and ultimately arriving at the correct assumptions--with the assistance of a high role of the dice, which is key to quickly moving around the board in collecting the necessary clues. In the Summerville version, how quickly you move from clue to clue will be totally dependent on your fleetness of foot or as Sherlock Holmes would say, "The game's a-foot."

The fun begins at 5:00 pm. Clues will be spread throughout the various stores and restaurants in the downtown district of Summerville. You will have just three hours to collect and solve the case. Your due diligence will pay off--prizes will be handed out.

For background music, the Vistas will be performing on Hutchinson Square and at the end of the Square near the railroad tracks the 'Wounded Warriors' will be visiting to take pictures with you and share their stories. Expect to see 25-40 bicycles.

Also, make it a point to stop by the Summerville Dorchester Museum for "Tales of Summerville" history talks presented by Dr. Ed West.

Three more birds will be released as part of the ongoing B.I.R.D.S. Project and maps for the Summerville ROCKS will be distributed.

So, join the fun. Get your Sherlock Holmes on and solve the murder-mystery. Your favorite, local business just might be implicated in perpetrating Summerville's crime of the century in Lookin' Local.

Other notable events to consider in March are the Summerville Trolley Tours: March 14, 10:30 am, Historic City Tour with tour of Timrod Library and 1:00 pm, Historic City Tour with Tea at the Museum. March 21, 10:30 am, Good Eat on the Sweet Tea Trail Tour with storyteller Tim Lowry and 1:00 pm, Historic City Tour with Tea at the Museum. Visit lowcountrylooptrolley to reserve your spot on the trolley.