Monday, December 22, 2008

Lahaina Inn Resort-Fort Meyers Beach, FL

Aloha from Vacation Rick at Fort Meyers Beach, Estero Island, FL. We are staying at the Lahaina Inn Resort for this week. Beautiful location, right on the beach, can see dolphins swimming by right from the porch of the condo. The resort could use some upgrades, but you can't beat the location if you like the sun, the beach, and fishing. Excellent for beach walkers and joggers. The pools are small, just good for a quick dip to cool off from the hot sun.
The first night we were here, Friday, we ate at the Fish House in the Fishtale Marina with the Jones'. The drinks were good, they didn’t skimp on the alcohol like some places do. The food was, read between the lines, very pricy. Although, my wife said her steamed oysters were very good. Wish I could say the same for the grouper. The evening progressed into cards and conversation. Since the Fish House, it has been just good old condo cooked meals and a couple of barbecues.
Saturday and Sunday there were showers off and on. Our check in on Saturday wasn’t until 3:00 in the afternoon so, to kill some time, we took a walk in a new park and saw the local wildlife, aligators and such. On Sunday, we went and saw the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still". What a mistake. I liked the old movie. They should have stuck with the original story line. The weather has been beautiful since.
Every Monday morning the resort prepares a breakfast for all the guests, nothing big, just scrambled eggs, ham, pastries, and juice. Wednesday we went to The Olive Garden. I always enjoy their Belini peach iced tea. Good service and descent food.
Fishing has been good. I have caught a variety of fish. The tan is well on its way. All in all, it has been mainly sitting in the sun, dips in the pool to cool off, walks in the surf, sudokus, and fishing. Throw in there a couple of rented DVD movies from Blockbuster. Side note, waiting on Wendy hand and foot. Ha! Ha!
That's all for now. Our next stop is Weston, Fl. We will be staying at the Vacation Village at Weston. We will catch you later!
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