Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Charleston And Carriage Rides-Like Pie And Ice Cream Southern Style

More than a few years ago, before I became a resident of the Charleston area, I vacationed here on several occasions. One year I rented a beach house on the Isle of Palms in the spring with the family and had a fantastic time. Since then the IOP has been my favorite beach in Charleston and frequent it often on hot days, especially around Coconut Joes, but I am jumping alittle ahead in my story and its objective.

A visit before that I was walking around The Market area for the first time taking in the sights and making arrangements for one of the historic carriage rides offered in Charleston. While waiting for the carriage I saw a man hosing down the street creating a kind of foamy-sudsy appearance on the pavement like you would see while topping off a beer. I jokingly remarked, "What are you brewing?" The man turned to me with a look of disdain that nearly shattered my newly developed concept of Southern hospitality and retorted, "Horse piss. What else do you think it is?" I excused his less than cordial demeanor as being either a bad day or he just didn't appreciate my humor. Well, on the carriage ride I found out what his assigned task was when the guide threw a marker into the street where the horse urinated.

Which now brings me to the intent of this article. If you want to get a quick history lesson of the historic district of Charleston and pinpoint areas to return for a more intimate look-see, the carriage rides are one way to achieve it. They are both entertaining and informative. Old South Carriage Co, Olde Towne Carriage Co, Carolina Polo & Carriage Co, and Classic Carriage Tours are four you can choose between.

Old South Carriage Co is billed as the City's only licensed guides in Confederate uniforms. Old South Carriage Company offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back. Tours depart every 20 minutes from their barn at 14 Anson St.

Olde Towne Carriage Rides is also located on Anson Street. Their carriage lights are now solar-powered. On their website they pose the question-What happens when a horse gets too old to work? Want the answer, book a tour.

Carolina Polo & Carriage Co says it is the only carriage company in the city owned and operated by Charlestonians whose families have been here since the 1600's. Carriage capacity is up to 16 people comfortably. Located at 181 Church Street and 16 Hayne Street.

Classic Carriage Tours promises you a horse drawn carriage tour experience with an eye on the traditions of the past. They feature award winning Percheron Draft Horses that are South Carolina and Georgia State Grand Champions, and also the city's best-trained horses. They are located at 10 Guignard Street off of East Bay Street.-Vacation Rick Travel Charleston for map.

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