Sunday, May 9, 2010

Two of Charleston's Finest Hotels And Inns-Call It A Holiday

I just saw the movie "Holiday" again for the umpteenth time. There is something about the movie I like that keeps me interested time after time. It has everything to do with the idea of being rejuvinated by rediscovering life and the possibility of achieving happiness despite life's setbacks, particuliarly in relationships. Holidays can do exactly that, rejuvinate and reinvigorate.

Holiday is an Europian term. In the U.S., we call it a vacation. We vacate our everyday lives to experience a change of scenery and for a brief time immerse ourselves into a world of self gratification, reconnect with those we love, or experience something new and exciting. Some refer to it as "recharging their batteries". It could be a weekend respite or span an amount of time usually involving a week or two.

Charleston abounds with places to do just that, recharge the batteries. In this article I will highlight two of Charleston's more prestigious inns, Wentworth Mansion and John Rutledge House Inn. Wentworth Mansion is a AAA Five Diamond Award hotel and John Rutledge House a AAA Four Diamond Award inn.

Wentworth Mansion was built in 1886 by wealthy cotton merchant Francis Silas Rodgers. It was a private residence turned into one of the world's finest and most unique hotels. The hotel features 21 luxurious rooms and suites, all with whirlpool tubs and most have working fireplaces. It also has a spa. The original carriage house in the gardens behind the mansion is home to the Circa 1886 restaurant. The hotel offers a variety of packages through the year, many of which cater to couples looking for a romantic interlude.

John Rutledge was one of the fifty-five signers of the U.S. Constitution and built his home in 1763. George Washington made a visit to the home as a guest in 1791. The restored home was turned into an inn offering nineteen guest rooms within a complex of three buildings, the main house and two carriage houses. Some of the rooms have working fireplaces and jetted-tubs. It too offers a variety of packages that cater to couples.

They are not cheap, but why not indulge and immerse yourself into the Charleston of the past. John Rutledge House Inn is located at 116 Broad Street and Wentworth Mansion is located at 149 Wentworth Street.-Vacation Rick Travel

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