Monday, May 3, 2010

Ladles Homemade Soups In The Charleston Area-Soup Around Town

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes was the "Soup Nazi". "No Soup for you!" When I recall that I think of Ladles and not because of the catch phrase, but because their soup is so good it makes you knees go weak, or maybe just a little bit weak. Anyways, if you haven't visited Ladles and sampled the soups as of yet, give it a try. I have been a regular customer since I discovered them and Ladles wedding soup has been a personal favorite.

Ladles Homemade Soups is a locally owned and operated restaurant filling a special niche in the areas market. Stop in at one of several locations throughout the Charleston area. The Summerville location is convenient for me, at the corner of Main and West Richardson, next to Town Hall. The restaurant is small and unpretentious. The menus are simple and uncluddered. You can sit down or take it with you. You can order combination soup/salad or soup/sandwich. You can order whole sandwiches and salads.

An informal setting ideal for meeting up with someone for a chat and a quick lunch. Afterwards, do a little shopping or just take a relaxing stroll around downtown Summerville. The old Summerville Theater on the Square is right across the street. The historic plantations on 61 are about twenty-five minutes away. Woodlands Resort and Inn is only five minutes away.

Other Ladles locations around Charleston include West Ashley: 3125 Bees Ferry Road located at the corner of Bees Ferry Road and Highway 61, John's Island: 190 Gardeners Circle in Freshfields Village at the crossroads of Kiawah & Seabrook, and soon to open in Mt Pleasant. If you are interested they are offering franchises. "Yes, there is soup for you."-Vacation Rick Travel

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